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Doctor and Patient

Our Services.

At Dinsdale Medical Centre we offer a full range of general practice services to ensure the wellbeing of our patients and to meet their every need. Our doctors are affiliated with the Royal New Zealand College of GPs and are highly experienced in their field. 

Below is a full list of the services that we provide through our doctor or nurse consultations: 

  • Acute Medical Care                                                  

  • Care for Ongoing Health Problems 

  • Lifestyle Advice and Heart Health Risk Assessments

  • Diabetes Care: Annual Reviews and Insulin Initiation

  • Mental Health Care

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Children's Health and Immunisations

  • Skin Checks

  • Minor Surgery

  • Travel Medicine Clinics and Immunisations

  • Family Planning, Pregnancy Tests, IUD and Jadelle Insertions and Removals

  • Sexual Health Checks

  • Cervical Screening

  • Aclasta and Iron Infusions

  • Spirometry and ECGs

  • Blood Pressure Checks and Blood Tests

  • Driving Licence Renewals

  • ACC Reviews

  • WINZ Reviews and Forms 

  • Insurance Medicals

  • Pre-employment Medicals

  • Wound Dressing, Stitches Removal and Liquid Nitrogen

We can refer you for:

  • Emergency Care

  • Specialist Care

  • Counselling

  • Dietician Review

  • Green Prescription

Doctor's Visit

Chronic Disease Management and Monitoring.

Our team are knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with many long term health concerns. These are best managed with active patient involvement and understanding. We encourage regular reviews to monitor and discuss your condition and your concerns. Some specific examples include:


Diabetes is an increasing concern in our community. We encourage patients to have regular checks and inclduing an extended annual diabetes check with both nurse and doctor. If you have diabetes it is important to regularly monitor many aspects of your health including blood sugar levels and HbA1c, cholesterol, BP , weight, kidney function, your vision and your skin and circulation.


Good control of asthma prevents chronic respiratory disease and reduces chest infections. There is now a wide range of inhalers to improve lung function. Free flu vaccines are also available for all asthma patients on preventive puffers and chronic lung disease patients.

Heart Failure

All our doctors are experienced in diagnosis and management of heart failure. If required, we are able to use the services of a designated heart failure nurse from the DHB who is able to work with the GP in the community and visit patients at home who have severe or difficult to control heart failure to optimise management.

Women's Health.

We offer a wide range of services for our female patients including contraceptive advice, STI checks, mirena insertion, cervical smears, menopause and hormone related problems and general gynaecological issues. We also have a visiting midwife for pregnant mothers.

We also recommend that patients receive routine screening procedures. Breast Screening Aoteoroa provides free 2 yearly screening mammograms for those aged between 45 and 70 years. We encourage our female patients to have yearly mammograms from 40-50 and every 2 years from 50 onwards. We also encourage women to have a breast examination prior to having their mammogram to optimise the identification of breast abnormalities.

Men's Health.

From the age of 40 we suggest that male patients make an appointment for an annual health check. This will include BP, weight, skin and general medical examination as well as a check for diabetes, cholesterol and prostate, and any changes you might have noticed to your health. For a complete and thorough check we recommend allowing 30 minutes. We also have programmes for weight management and smoking cessation. When booking, please let reception know that you require 30 minutes for a men's health check.  

Wellness Checks.

We recommend that as you get older, you should get a personal health check from time to time.  Our doctors are particularly interested in preventative health management, including identifying and treating risk factors for heart disease, stroke and some cancers.  


  • People over 40 are encouraged to have a wellness check 1-2 times yearly

  • People aged 30 - 40 are encouraged to have a wellness check every 3-5 years, particularly if you have family history of medical problems. 

If you are interested in booking in for this, please indicate to reception that you require a 30 minutes wellness check when you make the booking.  

Nurse Talking to Patient
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