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Our Prices.

At Dinsdale Medical Centre we are proud to have some of the lowest rates for medical care in the Waikato region.  


Please see our prices listed below for our registered patients, casual patients and additional services.

Registered fee 2.JPG
Casual patient fee.JPG
price list.JPG

As per our payment policy, payment is required before every consultation. We accept eftpos, cash and cheque payments. Automatic payments can also be arranged if needed. Please speak to reception if you would like to set this up.   


If you do not pay on the day of your consultation, you will be charged an administration fee of $15. However, if your account is paid within 7 days, this fee will be removed.  


For any inquiries in regard to our pricing, please call 07 847 8425 or email our administrative team at 


Our Pricing Policy.

We have recently reviewed our payment policy and would like to notify you of some important changes that have taken effect since the 1st July 2020.

From the 1st November 2017 you will be requested to: 

1. Prepay your doctors consultation on your arrival/ before you see the doctor or;

2. Prepay your account in full on the day of your appointment (including all unpaid invoices).

3. You will be requested to pay for any additional services that you receive directly after your visit (such as an ACC consultation, nurses consultation, additional services, material used etc.)

4. In the case that you have been accidentally overcharged, we will refund you the amount due on the same day or issue the credit to your account with your consent. 

5. If you are unable to pay on the day, you can have the choice to fill-in an automatic payment form for a minimum of $10.00 per week until you have cleared the outstanding balance.

6. Auto pay: We accept automatic payments / cheque payments, however, please ensure that the amount you are paying is sufficient to be reducing the outstanding balance at reasonable rate. You may be asked to review this over time.

7. If your account is in credit, this can be used towards future services, or in some circumstances you can receive a credit refund.   

8. Credit refund: Cash refunds can be given for a charge of $5 per request. If you think this could  be applicable to you, please ask our staff for a credit refund request form. If you are receiving WINZ benefits, unfortunately you are not entitled to a refund. 

9. If you have any concerns regarding payment, please arrange to discuss your individual circumstances with the Practice Manager to create a suitable payment plan.  

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